Caspian Trio

Simone Friesen, violin
Godwin Friesen, piano
Amos Friesen, cello

The three siblings of the Caspian Trio – Simone Friesen, 19, Godwin Friesen, 17, and Amos Friesen, 15 – have collaborated as a chamber group for the past three years, coached by well-known Saskatoon pedagogue Bonnie Nicholson. Along with playing classical repertoire at weddings and banquets, they have performed major works such as the Beethoven Piano Trio in E-flat, Op. 1, No. 1 and the Schumann Piano Trio in D-minor, Op. 63 at recitals in Alberta and Saskatchewan, to critical commendation. “Brilliant ensemble playing and communication,” commented Kerry DuWors of Brandon University at the 2014 Saskatoon Music Festival. “Absolutely expressive and a real joy to listen to and watch.”

In June, the Caspian Trio is dompeting in the provincial stage of the 2016 National Music Festival. The trio takes its name from one of its greatest fans, younger brother Caspian, who is often found conducting them as they rehearse. Simone, Godwin, and Amos have also played and toured across Canada with the rest of their family in the folk group, the Friesen Family Band.